Pretty Silent

Pretty Silent will be the name of a game i'm currently working on. It will use the famous VGFX-library from Venom that i'm porting to OS/2 with the help of the dualmode-library of Marty Amodeo. Pretty silent will be a space trading & exploring game like the real famous Elite. Sadely David Braben, one of the authors of the original Elite made Christian Plinder to remove his reverse engenired "Elite the new kind" ETNK from the net. Braben promised a way to bring it back, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I was beginning to translate ETNK to Pascal (still my favorite progamming language) when Braben intervened. Do not ask if you can have the game -it is not finished, just some parts already worked and it would be illegal. Maybe you can write Braben a note. If you realy interrested in that story you can use google to search the newsgroup. Hopefully Christian will finish his own project "Darkness falles" that is in perfect tradition of Elite. He has even a very skilled co-programmer on his side : Ian Bell, the second author of the original Elite!

Well, what will Pretty Silent be? An other Elite clone? No, first big difference will most probably be that Pretty Silent will be 2D. I have a lot of ideas so you'll have to wait. Currently the universe is about 2 000 000 by 2 000 000 units. Your ship may travel about 15 0 upm, so you may need 222h to go from one end to the other ;-) So here some screens from -alpha version :-)

Opening Screen of Pretty Silent

The next screen shows the player ship above some unknown planet, left is the galaxy chart and bottom down some status information

game screen

So, it's becomming pretty silent; you have to wait....

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